6 Tips for Dressing a Baby for Winter

Since babies can't communicate their comfort levels, dressing them for a frigid winter day often ends up challenging. Also, as parents, we tend to overdo it on warm clothing rather than underdo it. Luckily, in this article, we will share some tips on how to dress a baby in winter! Let's get started, shall we?

winter clothes for baby boy

Tip #1: Choose Winter Clothes for Baby Made with the Right Fabric

Paying attention to the fabric used to manufacture the clothing is an important tip to keep in mind when dressing your baby for winter. As opposed to summer clothing, winter clothing is typically made out of wool, which is perfect for keeping your baby cozy and warm. Although woolen clothing can be purchased at stores, you also have the option to knit one at home. The internet is filled with knitting tutorials that will assist you in creating adorable winter attire.

Read more about the best fabrics for baby clothes and accessories in our blog.

Tip #2: Layer! Layer! Layer!

When it comes to facing the cold weather, layering baby clothes for winter is a parent's best friend. It's one of the most practical methods for protecting you and your baby from the cold! When dressing your little bean in the winter, incorporate a muslin swaddle into your baby's clothing. You can also consider using a coat to add an extra layer of warmth to your baby's regular clothes. A lovely tip is using wool coats as they offer the most coziness.

Please be mindful, though, that layering too thickly can also backfire. To ensure that the infant isn't perspiring from all the layers, make sure to check the baby's temperature from time to time.

Tip #3: Use Baby Hats

From designs with fluffy pom-pom ears to colorful knitted beanie caps, not only are these accessories super cute, but they can be useful for keeping your baby's head and ears warm as well. La Maison du Monogramme offers an adorable collection of soft and cozy baby sleepers that come in sets with matching hats that you can customize with your little one's name!

winter clothes for baby girl

Tip #4: Consider Mittens and Socks

Don't forget their tiny feet and hands! The baby's hands and feet are constantly in contact with the outside world. Unbeknownst to parents, this may also be the cause of your baby's recurrent illnesses over the winter. Whether or not your baby is out and about, it's recommended that they wear mittens and socks during this time of year. Their small hands and feet will remain warm and cozy in this manner. Additionally, putting on socks before the infant dons shoes is a great method for layering.

Tip #5: Remove Coats and Thick Layering in the Car

Even when it comes to winter clothes for a baby, it's always important to tackle safety measures. Before placing your baby into their car seat, make sure to take off their coats or any thick layering or blanket. Layers and coats bundled together can be a suffocation risk, and adjusting the car seat's harness straps to make room for a coat can reduce the harness's safety in an accident!

A great alternative for keeping your baby warm is using an approved blanket or seat cover for your baby's car seat.

how to dress baby in winter

Tip #6: Stroller Protection

Despite the chilly weather, your baby requires some fresh air as well. Thus, every layer of protection you can give to your infant is necessary! When taking a walk, you can wrap the stroller in a clear layer of protective sheeting that includes a zipper. With this, your little one can still see and enjoy the outside world while being protected from the cold winter breeze.

The Takeaway

With the help of these tips about dressing your baby for winter, you can keep your little one cozy, warm, and secure all winter long! Now that winter has arrived, get out and stock up on the necessities to get ready for this lovely and festive season.

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