How to Choose a Baby Photoshoot Outfit?

The first few months you spend with your bundle of joy are so precious, yet they pass by so quickly. You've made the decision to do a photo shoot so you can record this moment for your family, and you undoubtedly want to make sure that you all look your best so that you can feel delighted when you look back on them in the future.

In this article, we will be guiding you on how to create the perfect newborn photo outfits for your little one! Are you ready? Let's dive in... 

Tip #1: Choose Soft, Neutral Colors

Although it can be tempting to go with bold, brilliant hues, a soft, natural palette is typically the best option whether you are looking for a baby boy or baby girl photoshoot outfit. Such hues will not only complement all skin tones well, but they will also enable your baby to take center stage in the portrait. Colors like these are such a classic and perfectly complement all backdrops!

La Maison du Monogramme has a collection of precious monogrammed newborn outfits carefully crafted for your little one. With many hues to choose from, we recommend going with white, beige, and pastel colors such as soft pink and mint.

baby boy photoshoot outfit

Tip #2: It's All in the Material

For baby photoshoot outfits, natural material is a must! Clothing textiles such as cotton, wool, and silk all work wonderfully in photographs. Not only do they give images a splash of texture, but they are also more gentle and safer for your baby's skin. 

Baby clothing made of synthetic materials (we're looking at you, acrylic and nylon) is strongly frowned upon. 

baby girl photoshoot outfit

Tip #3: Take One Adorable Step at a Time

Should your little one wear shoes? That, of course, depends on the location of the photoshoot. If you're taking those sweet pictures indoors, then the best option is typically to go barefoot. However, if you plan to have your portraits shot outside, then we suggest putting a pair of shoes on them to add a stylish flair. Read our blog post about the baby's first walking shoes.

baby outfit for photoshoot

Tip #4: Don't Ditch the Props!

Props are an absolute lifesaver when it comes to baby photoshoots. Not only will it elevate the cuteness of your little one's outfit, but it will also keep their tiny hands occupied during the shoot. Precious items such as a blanket or a toy, for instance, are ideal for keeping your baby entertained and fuss-free.

Bonus Tip: Make Sure to Plan Baby Photoshoot Outfit(s) Ahead of Time

A baby makes life busy. When your little one is born, life might feel busier, and the activities you had planned to do can easily fall to the bottom of the priority list. Even the prospect of preparing and possibly even going shopping for outfits can be stressful for parents. In light of this, we firmly advise that you begin organizing the baby outfit for the photoshoot as soon as you've scheduled it.

This allows you lots of time to prepare and, if necessary, shop for your family's outfits so that everyone looks their best on the big day. You won't be able to capture this precious milestone again in your baby's life, after all!

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