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Newborn Coming Home Outfits


Our cutest going home outfits for your baby girl


Our softest custom baby boy coming home outfits

Take home outfits for newborns

Our baby coming home outfits are made with ultra-soft fabric, the finest attention to detail can be seen throughout the collection. 

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Monogrammed newborn outfit

Our luxurious newborn going home outfits are designed so your baby will be tucked in love and off to dreamland.

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Comfy newborn take home outfits to tuck your baby in love

If your due date is approaching, you’re probably wondering what pieces of clothing to choose to keep your little bundle of joy comfortable and warm. Although the task may seem simple, many parents don’t realize that the coming home outfit for a baby is more than just a sleeper and a hat. 

Selecting the right newborn take home outfit is important, not only because you’ll be taking a lot of pictures of the baby at this grand event, but mainly because this big day will live in your memories forever! Since you will most likely share these pictures with your family members and friends, it’s worth making sure that you pick a cute, personalized set with your baby’s name or embroidered initials. A custom baby hospital outfit from La Maison du Monogramme helps make your baby’s coming home day even more emotional and will surely be an ideal memento to always cherish as your little one gets older.  

Monogrammed baby clothes to make the big day even more special

At La Maison du Monogramme we strive to provide our customers with high quality monogrammed baby clothes customized with delicate embroidery. We offer a range of newborn outfits that are both visually appealing as well as suitable for your little one’s sensitive baby skin. Each item from our shop is packaged in a reusable cotton bag that offers environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging that is also ideal for storing or gifting!

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else,  La Maison du Monogramme offers  the perfect newborn outfit that will make your baby’s coming home day even more special and memorable. To add a custom monogram to your selected baby coming home outfit., just submit your baby’s full name and our team will immediately begin working on your high quality set that will look perfect for the first trip home or even a newborn photoshoot. Our refined newborn sets are proof that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort when it comes to your baby’s sleepwear. Shop now if you’re looking for the perfect outfit to snuggle your baby and make sure your little one is comfortable and warm!

Quality baby girl and baby boy coming home outfits at La Maison du Monogramme

In our offer you can find unique baby boy and baby girl coming home outfits available in different colored fabric, thread, and styles. 

Do you want to buy a nice, personalized set for your baby that’s not a newborn anymore? All is not lost! Our outfits are available in four sizes:

• newborn,

• 0-3 months,

• 3-6 months,

• 6-12 months,

The La Maison du Monogramme collection is not only ideal for welcoming your baby from the hospital, but are also all the pieces needed to dress your little ones on their most special days-from christenings, baptisms, first birthdays and beyond!

Check out our product catalog and choose unique, sustainable monogrammed baby clothes and sleepwear!

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