The Top 5 Best Fabrics for Baby Clothes and Accessories

Pregnancy is certainly an exciting event in life. Naturally, when most families receive the blissful news of pregnancy, the first thing that might pop into their minds is the cute clothes the baby will be wearing. But of course, the little one’s comfort should come first. And since their skin is quite sensitive and delicate, you’ll definitely want to find the type of fabric suitable for them! So, what fabric should you look for when buying baby clothes and accessories? Here is our list of the top 5 best fabrics for baby clothes plus accessories:

cotton is one of the best fabrics for baby clothes

1. Cotton

Cotton is considered one of the most sustainable materials you can use to make baby clothes. Baby's pants, gowns, t-shirts, onesies, and more from this fabric are perfect for any season mainly because they don’t cause allergies and are highly durable and resistant to chemicals. We all know that baby skin can be really sensitive; thus they can easily develop skin disorders if you use rough or synthetic fabrics. When shopping for a baby’s clothes and accessories, definitely opt for cotton. It’s the safest choice if you’re concerned about your baby’s skin comfort. 

2. Muslin

Muslin is a type of cotton fabric available in a wide range of weights, from thin to dense and even coarse. Using thin muslin is great for making baby clothes because it is breathable. But due to its “not-too-glamorous” appearance, muslin is mostly used for making baby accessories rather than clothes. 

3. Bamboo Rayon

Bamboo rayon fabric is perfect for making swaddles, blankets, hats, and other baby accessories. Bamboo rayon is a super soft and very durable fiber that is derived from, you guessed it, bamboo plants. Not only is it soft and breathable, but it is also highly recommended by eco-conscious parents. In addition, this type of fabric is ideal for babies with very sensitive skin, as it regulates temperature when they’re in a warmer environment. 

best fabrics for baby accessories

4. Fleece

This is a very soft and comfortable fabric used to produce some of the world's most popular clothes. Fleece is great because it is durable, easy to wash and dry quickly, and not very hot in the summer. In addition, it is soft, warm, and breathable, and it is extremely comfortable. Because of these advantages, fleece fabric has become very popular when it comes to clothing for children.

5. Jersey Knit

Jersey knit fabric is another popular fabric for children's clothes and baby items. Jersey knit fabrics are breathable and stretchy, allowing you to easily put on clothes made from very thin textiles. In addition, knits accommodate constant movements and growth spurts, which is a definite win if you know how quickly babies grow. 

Since babies' skin is extremely sensitive, you need to think carefully about the fabric you use. It would be awful for your baby to develop rash and irritation from the clothes you make or purchase. These five fabrics are suitable for making soft and comfortable clothing for little ones. Here at La Maison du Monogramme, we use an ultra-soft PolyCotton blend with an interlock knit fabric, making it perfect for embroidering your little one’s name, as well as monograms. Check out our collection of cozy outfits that your baby will absolutely love!

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