Birth Announcement Ideas

Having a baby is the best feeling in the world. This is a time to share lots of joy, a few tears, some beautiful pictures, and also a birth announcement that will be shared with all of your followers on social media. This special time should be shared with all of your relatives. The big question is: how to announce the arrival of your little angel so your loved ones rain love and blessings on your sweet little one?

Birth announcements are now more popular than ever, as they allow loved ones to see the newborn, even if they are very far away. Here are some wonderful ways to announce the birth and name of your baby to your family and friends! These announcements are also very unique and will truly touch people! Let the world compete for your precious little one.

sharing birth announcement card

Send A Hand-Delivered Card

A card delivered to you will be more personal than a generic email or Facebook message.

Even though everything seems to be digital, a personally delivered card from you to someone whom you love is more meaningful than a generic email or a post on social media. You may choose to write the announcement in a:

  • Royal Way - You may say something like; “We are truly delighted to announce that The Royal Highness The Duch/Duchess of (state the place you live) was welcomed into the world on (date of birth)”.
  • Sentimental Way - Writing this message will surely melt somebody's heart; “His first breath took ours away. Meet (baby name)”.
  • Funny Way - "The snuggle is definitely real! Meet our new little one (baby name)." Or “We got a brand new pair of genes. Welcome (baby name)!" Start making funny (or silly) jokes early! Here is a cheesy, playful joke that will help you kick off the day!

You can decide whether you want to use a picture that you took yourself or if you want to have a professional take a photo of your newborn baby.

Use A Word Board

Word boards are becoming increasingly popular for sharing birth announcements. It is wonderful to simply write the baby's name and all the important birth measurements, such as his/her weight, height, and even his/her birth date. It is also very easy to create a board on which parents can write the baby's name and measurements and then take a few pictures.

You can personalize your announcement by having it customized to fit your personality and your baby's name. You can choose to have the announcement on wood or acrylic. It will have your baby's name written in beautiful font. You can choose the font, size, and even how you want to write those important measurements.

announce the baby's name with personalised outfit

Use A Personalized Outfit For Your Child's Birth Announcement

Some parents just aren't ready to share pictures of their baby. They don't want to share birth details or have too many things going on to make cute announcements. This is where a customized outfit can be very handy to share the good news!

This super cute personalized outfit from La Maison du Monogramme is such a perfect way to announce your baby's name. This sleeper has an envelope neck and shoulders that make it comfortable to pull over your baby. It has snaps to make quick diaper changes easy. It has pockets that can be used to cover the baby's hands and feet. 

La Maison du Monogramme makes personalized onesies and hats that can be monogrammed and it is perfect for a new mom who wants to announce the baby's name in a special way.

Unveil the Baby Nursery 

Put the names of your baby in the nursery to give it a personal touch. Hang some letters from the wall or have someone put a nice picture in the window. Invite friends and family over to your house to have a look at the baby's nursery. Once they arrive, you can announce the baby's name.

Personalized Treats

Saying something cute and sweet when you announce that you are having a baby is even more popular than saying it with sweets. You can order personalized M&Ms or chocolate bars or write your baby's name on cupcakes and cookies at a family get-together.

The Takeaway

Announcing your baby's name is really exciting, but the best part about it is knowing the baby is finally here. So whatever idea you choose for your baby's birth announcement on that special event, it will be wonderful.

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