Best Baby’s First Home Outfit From Hospital For Newborn

Choosing the perfect outfit for your newborn's first day home is important. It's almost like you're setting up your baby's fashion style tone for their entire life. It may not be necessary, but it feels like whichever coming home outfit you choose has to be the cutest one in the world!

Cuteness aside, though, when shopping for the perfect baby’s first coming home outfit, it's also important to consider factors such as the climate and fabric. For example, those due early in the summer should invest in soft fabrics like cotton or muslin for babies. While for babies arriving in the winter, we recommend getting fleece-lined hats and cozy bodysuits with long sleeves. 

So, are you ready to start your outfit search? In this article, we've narrowed down our top favorite baby’s first coming home outfits from thousands of others, so you'll know which ones to choose!

coming home outfit for boy

Baby Coming Home Outfits for Boys

White Gown with Silver and Navy Embroidery 

Rain or shine, this soft and cozy white gown by La Maison du Monogramme will surely make your baby very happy when he gets home. Unlike many other gowns that you might find, this gown features silver and navy embroidery that you can customize using your little one's name. It also comes with an adorable hat that you can pair with this outfit for added coziness!

Personalized Puppy Onesie

A long-sleeved onesie is a perfect look for a summertime or winter baby. We adore this personalized puppy onesie by La Maison du Monogramme! It's made from a super soft polycotton blend and easy to put on. You can pair it with booties and a cozy hat to keep the baby warm during the cold season.

Newborn Baby Boy Blue Coming Home Outfit With Stacked Monogram

This adorable blue baby sleeper is the perfect way to keep him warm and sleep really comfortably. It features a blue sleeper and a hat made from super soft cotton fabric. This is a baby boy wearing a simple yet adorable outfit that will make him want to stay put as soon as he arrives home.

coming home outfit for girl

Baby Coming Home Outfits for Girls

Tiffany Blue Coming Home Outfit with Pink Monogram

This adorable tiffany blue romper will definitely make your baby photoshoot ready as soon as she gets home. This gorgeous outfit will compliment your baby's cuteness with every camera snap. It is so comfortable that your baby might just be smiling the whole duration of the shoot.

White and Pink Rose Convertible Footed and Mitted Sleeper

When it gets chilly outside, a cute white and pink convertible footie ensemble is a perfect baby-coming-home outfit. Aside from this, the sleeper is made of high-quality cotton fabric, and it is also made with an interlock knit fabric that is perfect for embroidering names and monograms on your custom baby apparel. Such an amazing way to announce your baby's name at the hospital if you have guests coming and, at the same time, a ready-to-go home outfit to show the world her cuteness and preciousness.

Grandma's Little Peanut Outfit 

Grandma or grandpa will get so excited and happier with a cute baby girl's go-home little peanut outfit. Their hearts will melt when they see your appreciation for all their love when they see your baby wearing this beautiful onesie with the cutest elephant embroidery. Since it is customizable, you can choose the thread color you would like to use. The onesie also comes with a matching hat to complete the outfit.

The Takeaway

Do you need a special outfit for a newborn to go home in? Not really. However, your baby does need something to wear when going home. And it's also a once-in-a-lifetime event for the baby (or babies) as they start their new life at home with their family. So don't hesitate to have as much fun as you want in selecting the perfect baby’s first coming home outfit for your precious little one(s).

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