7 Adorable Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

The holiday season has arrived! And if your family has recently expanded with a new baby, you undoubtedly want to get a few items to make your child's first Christmas particularly memorable. This is our guide for baby's first Christmas gifts! And with this list, you may make even more priceless memories with your little one over the holiday season.

Gift Idea #1: A Festive Holiday Outfit

When it comes to baby's first Christmas gift ideas, there is always one gift you can never go wrong on: holiday outfits. They are usually a hit, and your baby will undoubtedly look adorable in them! Available in various sizes, this personalized Santa sleeper by La Maison du Monogramme comes with a matching hat that you can customize with your little one's name.

gifts for baby's first christmas

Gift Idea #2: Good Ol’ Toys

Regardless of which baby toys are hailed the most popular for this season, there will always be the ones that remain timeless throughout the years. If your little cutie-pie is between the ages of 0-6 months old, then we suggest getting them toys such as soft plushies, building blocks, or a learning cube. Even better, you can consider gifting them an activity gym or play mat which includes interactive toys!

Gift Idea #3: A Customized Christmas Book

There is something special about Christmas books that makes them feel perfect for reading aloud to your family this holiday season. With many classics to choose from, such as The Polar Express and The Night Before Christmas, you can select a book that speaks to you, then personalize your copy with a heartfelt greeting for your newborn on their very first Christmas.

If you want something even more special and unique, you can order a custom-printed holiday book from a company that adds your baby's name to the story!

baby's first christmas gift ideas

Gift Idea #4: Picture Book Starters

Gifting your little one books is always a perfect idea! For the development of their fine motor skills, books inspire newborns to explore with their eyes and hands and experience new textures, noises, and visuals.

For their first holiday, why not give your baby a picture book from your favorite childhood author? On the other hand, you can also use a subscription service to have a new book sent to your house every month.

Gift Idea #5: Baby's First Holiday Ornament

Just to fully adorn a Christmas tree, it takes years to accumulate sentimental ornaments. The best time for your little one to begin their collection is on their first holiday, which is why it's excellent for them to do so early. For this present suggestion, it only needs to be something easy, like a homemade keepsake with their photo on it. Simply purchase a Christmas ornament frame from your local craft store, add a picture of your baby (preferably in a Christmas outfit), and you're all set!

You can even create your own Christmas ornament frame if you're on the crafty side. Just get a small, plain wooden frame, decorate it with holiday-themed paint and accessories, and hang it with a satin ribbon on the tree.

Gift Idea #6: Winter Accessories

Wrap up some seasonal comfort to protect your little one from the cold this season. Consider accessories such as an adorable Santa hat, a buffalo check hat adorned with a faux fur pompom, or a crocheted beauty with a variety of animal ears! In addition to headgear, there are also adorable baby snowsuits and incredibly toasty stroller buntings.

gift ideas for baby's first christmas

Gift Idea #7: Personalized Snow Globe

For this gift idea, you can purchase a snow globe and put a picture of your little one inside. You can also write your little one's name using a 3d pen! This is the ideal Christmas memento that will be treasured for several years.

The Takeaway

Ultimately, you shouldn't worry about gifts for your baby's first Christmas! The simple fact is that your little one doesn't really need anything else. All they need is the presence of you and their loved ones during this wonderful Christmas holiday!

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