Best Outfit to Bring Newborn Home In - Cute and Cozy Ideas

There are countless things to be excited about when a baby is born, and one of them is that you'll be able to pack all the clothes they'll need! Typically, babies don't need a lot of clothing, but it's hard to resist purchasing some of the cutest outfits for newborns. Your baby can wear so many adorable outfits, and you probably want to take more than one set of newborn clothes to bring home from the hospital.

It can be really fun to shop for adorable clothes for newborns, but there are other things to take into account if you want to choose a certain outfit for your newborn baby. It's not realistic to try and plan for everything, so it's important to have a couple of options if you're unsure which baby outfit to get for him or her.

So today, we are sharing some cute and cozy outfit ideas to bring your newborn home in!

what is the best outfit to bring newborn home in 


Clothes to Bring Your Newborn Home: For Baby Boys

1. A Cozy Zipper Sleeper

Some newborn outfits have pretty designs, but something about this one makes it a little special from the rest. This adorable set with a beige zipper sleeper and a matching hat comes with an embroidered monogram of your baby's name, adding a precious charm to your baby's first trip home. Each item in this outfit is made out of a PolyCotton blend, making it perfect for embroidering your little one's name as well as cuddling. 

2. A Soft and Lovely Blue Set

This adorable newborn blue sleeper with stacked monogram is also made out of a PolyCotton blend, so it's super soft and light and will allow your baby's skin to breathe easily. What's more is that it has snaps around the leg area, making it easy to change diapers! Your little one will look handsome in this outfit no matter what, but it's not an outfit without accessories. Luckily, this sleeper comes with a personalized hat, adding a cozy look to their coming home outfit!

newborn clothes to bring home from hospital

Clothes to Bring Your Newborn Home: For Baby Girls

1. A Pink Coming Home Outfit Set

If you want something that'll look great on your baby girl, then look no further than this personalized pink sleeper with monogram. It's comfortable and will look gorgeous (and will warm) your new bundle of joy! It comes in newborn sizes, so it's great for a newborn's first day at home. This sleeper features a hot pink monogram of your little one's name and a cute little bow for the hat. Because it's a PolyCotton blend, your newborn can wear this set year-round (and if it happens to be extra chilly out, she can pair the sleeper with her cozy hat).

2. A Very Cute Convertible Mittens Gown

If this isn't the cutest thing you're ever going to see, then I don't know what is. This white and pink convertible mittens gown is easy to wear and features conventional snaps for quick diaper changes. Even though this gown has long sleeves, it can still be worn on warm days during spring, summer, and fall.

things to know when bringing home a newborn

The Takeaway

It's such a blast finding the perfect coming home outfit for your little one, but there are some things to know when bringing home a newborn. Try to be careful because no matter how tiny your newborn is right now, they will grow quite fast, so they can only wear that outfit for a few days.

Make sure to consider sizing up on some of the other outfits you'll be buying, so you'll be prepared in the future!

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