Best Ideas for Baby Halloween Costume

Your baby's first Halloween is an exciting and fun little milestone. He or she may not remember it, but all the cute photos you will take will be unique and one thing that your baby and your whole family will enjoy looking back at in the future. Almost all of your little one's first two years will involve more photo shooting than trick-or-treating.

We understand how difficult it is to think about what you will wear on Halloween, and now your little one will join you in dressing up so you have to come up with baby costume ideas for Halloween, too.

We've put together some cute and simple baby's first Halloween costume ideas that are comfy to wear and easy to make. We promise you that the result will be adorable and even cheaper!

Halloween Costume Ideas for Baby Girl

halloween costume ideas for baby girl - fairy

Very Cute Baby Fairy Costume

This adorable princess fairy costume will make your child feel magical and happy all year long! Whether a cute and colorful dress, a pretty flower crown, or even a magic wand, your baby will look gorgeous in this adorable costume. It's ideal for Halloween and everyday fun! You can add a tiny princess tiara at the end to make this costume even more beautiful!

costume ideas for baby's first halloween - angel

Perfect Little Angel Costume

A baby girl in an angel costume is one of the most adorable Halloween costumes you could find! She will look so heavenly cute in this outfit. Angel costumes are fantastic for Halloween and even for the holidays. You will feel like the angels have come down from heaven to visit you and your family! Matching this excellent outfit with a halo will allow you to turn your baby into a gorgeous angel who was given this Earth to give people joy and love.

creative baby halloween costume ideas - witch

Cutest Baby Witch Costume

This little witch is one of the most creative baby Halloween costume ideas! Halloween witch costumes for babies are always popular, and this cape and broom will make Halloween extra special for your baby.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Baby Boy

halloween costume ideas for baby boy - santa

Sweet Little Santa

Your baby's first Halloween is truly special, and since it is just a month and days away from the Christmas season, why not mark the occasion with festivity and remind everyone that your little one is here to celebrate all the holidays of the season?

Garden Gnome Costume for Baby

Garden Gnome costumes are easy to make and are very cute! Your baby will be able to turn into gnomes in the garden in no time. This baby costume features a cute hat, white beard, and cute little suspenders. If you put your baby in the garden, people will stop and take photos of your bundle of joy.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies - Girls and Boys Alike

halloween costume ideas for babies - cactus

Baby Cactus DIY Costume

You will be surprised how cute this baby cactus will look! This adorable cactus costume is easy to make using a simple onesie and a cute hat. Start by making a bunch of little yarn. You're going to need 50 pieces of yarn to make this costume. Tie one end of each piece you will use for the ensemble. Put some glue on them, and all you have to do is to stick them on the onesie. Try not to touch your baby cactus after you take him to a trick-or-treating party.

DIY Mr. Peanut Baby Costume

The Mr. Peanut costume would make an awesome DIY for those little babies who are newborns. It is one of the best costume ideas for your baby's first Halloween. It uses foam from a mattress topper or an egg foam and has no-sew instructions. All you need is one black onesie or pajama and foam. Cut two large peanut shapes from it - one for the front and one for the back of the body. Cut them big enough to be able to wrap around the child's body. Next, cut a circle for the face opening and glue the pieces together, leaving gaps for the legs and arms. Add a black hat, and voila!

pumpkin baby outfit

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Outfit

One of the best things about Halloween is getting cozy, and this soft onesie is the baby's outfit to do just that. This adorable pumpkin onesie is perfect for babies with delicate skin who can't handle the harsh fabrics some baby costumes use. With those cute pumpkins and a personalized chosen name, it doesn't only make a great baby Halloween costume but a great gift idea, too, for spooky holidays and moms-to-be!

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