What's In A Name?

What do you name a baby? Well, it depends. 

 Some people pick something straight out of the Bible or some other religious text. Others choose something quirky, cute and fun that nobody's ever heard of before. Another set of new parents consults a name book for what’s trending…

 Understanding our motivations for naming help to explain why you might want to show off your baby’s name in your next infant photo shoot, or in some more everyday context.

 Traditional and Religious Naming

 It's not just Bible-pounders who want to name their kids names that come out of the Bible.

 There is a rich tradition from Judaism and Christianity in boys’ names like Jacob and Isaac, and David and Michael, and girls’ names like Esther and Rebecca.

 Now trendwise, a lot of these names may be on the way out, but there's still a strong cultural inclination in some parts of the world to adopt these or other similar biblical names that have really taken on their own cultural context. So you’re still going to see a lot of Judahs and Benjamins and even Nathaniels around. 

 Expressive and Unique Names

 Then there are the trendsetters – those who pick obscure names with which to label their offspring. Ironically, some of these, like Asher or Naftali, also come from the Bible, while others like Mason or Gavin don't, at least directly. Then there's that whole trend of Aidans, Haydens, Jaydens, Kaydens and other similar new names that you wouldn't have heard 200 years ago.

 Bringing Back Old-Fashioned Names

 Then you have names like Mabel and Ira that had seen more abundant use in previous generations. Another way to say that is that people's grandparents had these names a while ago, but you didn’t hear them very much anymore…  until now. Some parents are bringing these names back out of nostalgia or other reasons.

 Anyway, look at the cute little faces! No matter what you named your baby, you probably want to see him or her in the best monogrammed threads. 

 At La Maison du Monogramme, we sell monogrammed and unique items like hats and garments for your new infants. Show off your naming trend with customized apparel for your little tot and get quality from an e-commerce shop that values customer service and personalized attention to detail. Browse our site and bookmark us for the future in your new and exciting journey as a mom or dad. 


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