How to Wash Baby Clothes

You might worry about many things when you become a parent, but washing baby clothes should not be one of them. Cleaning your baby's clothes can be intimidating, especially if you're trying to take care of all the other household chores.

One reason baby clothes differ from regular clothes is that they are much smaller, although both need the same care. Incredibly, a newborn can produce so much laundry. In addition, cleaning baby clothes can be confusing with the different fabrics and detergents. If you're a new parent, you probably have some questions, so here are some helpful tips for baby clothes washing to lessen your stress and save more of your time so you can spend more moments with your little one.

When Should You Wash Baby Clothes?

When babies are born, they have very delicate skin. In addition, newborn babies are extremely sensitive, so they have yet to develop a tolerance to harsh detergents and fabrics. Therefore, washing your baby's clothing items as soon as possible is important before they are put on. This also applies to other baby items your baby may come in contact with, such as crib sheets or baby blankets. When you wash baby clothes for the first time, always read the label carefully to find out how to care for the product. 

safest laundry detergent for baby clothes

What is the Safest Laundry Detergent for Baby Clothes? 

Parents may feel compelled to look for the best baby detergent for washing their baby's clothes. It is important to talk to your pediatrician if you have questions, especially if your baby was born with skin conditions. Buying a special detergent might not be necessary if your baby doesn't have any skin allergies.

You can wash your baby's clothes in the same laundry detergent as you wash the rest of your family's clothes. It's better to use liquid detergent than to use powder formulas. Laundry detergents in liquid form will rinse more thoroughly than powder detergents. Powder detergents can cause skin irritation in young babies due to the flakes they leave behind in the fabric. You will also find baby clothes softeners, baby fabric cleaners, baby clothes disinfectants, and more after the laundry detergent selection. Before buying these different cleaners and softeners, carefully read the ingredients and understand if it is the right product for your baby.

How To Get Stains Off Baby Clothes?

With a newborn, it's expected that your baby's clothes will be dirty and soiled clothing is inevitable. As with all stains, try to act quickly. Wash stains away from clothing as quickly and as soon as you can. Run cold water over the fabric. Water and mild soap can clean up many stains from clothing. If you need to use something more powerful, you can use a brush to scrub the fabric gently. It is important not to scrub your baby's clothes very hard to remove stains. Instead, apply a tiny amount of detergent directly to the stain. Use cool water to create a nice lather that will help remove stubborn stains from the fabric. Rinse and dry.

How to Wash and Clean Cloth Diapers?

Cloth diapers should not be mixed with other laundry and should be kept and washed separately. Rinse dirty diapers completely with water in the toilet. Store dirty diapers inside a large tub, trash can, or any other container that seals tightly until you are ready to wash them. First, soak diapers overnight, or you may also do a cold prewash. Avoid detergents that contain dyes or perfumes. Wash clothing in hot water, and rinse every load of clothes at least twice. Wash cloth diapers without fabric softeners, as they can irritate the baby's skin. Hang up the diapers or put them in a dryer.

how to get stains off baby clothes

The Takeaway

Invest in clothing with ultra-soft and easy-to-clean fabrics, such as our monogrammed infant clothes. The cotton material will hold up well no matter how many washings you need to make.

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