The Best Christening Gift for Babies

When someone in your family or a friend announces that their baby is being christened, thoughts quickly turn to what to buy them. Whether parents are planning to have a huge baby christening, or just a simple christening, being able to provide new parents with a thoughtful and useful gift that will help them to continue to enjoy their child for many years to come is very important.

Gifts for Christening - What to Buy?

It is great to celebrate with friends and relatives as you welcome a new child into the Christian world, and a christening presents are a great opportunity to help parents get the things they need for the new baby. These gifts can range from jewelry to religiously-inspired ornaments and books that remind parents of their faith and spiritual experiences.

Baby's Christening Gift that will always work

We’ve gathered together the best Christening gift ideas to help you decide what to get for your cherished little one.

1. Bible Story Board Books

Whether it’s a baby boy or girl, it’s never too early to introduce them to the words of the Bible. And what better way to do that than by giving them a children’s Bible? Each one features a series of simple sentences that are accompanied by cute and engaging illustrations that will surely catch the attention of the little baby.

Christening gifts for baby girl and baby boy

2. Personalized Embroidered Baby Outfits

Babies grow lots in the first year of life, and they need lots of clothes that are comfortable. So buying clothes for new parents is always useful. Whether you opt for practical clothes or fancy clothes, make sure that the clothes you buy are of good quality and that they will look good when they are worn.
La Maison du Monogramme’s customized baby clothes are one of our top picks because it’s timeless, and will no doubt be cherished for years to come. The soft and comfy outfits can be personalized with the baby’s name using chic and gorgeous embroidery.

3. Jewelry

Jewelry is a classic christening gift for baby girls. With options from earrings to bracelets, there are plenty of great jewelry gifts to choose from. Just remember to make sure that it’s safe for the baby to wear, and it doesn’t include any dangerous pieces that could be considered a hazard (e.g., dangling parts, tiny beads, etc.). Although the baby will eventually grow out of it before too long, they can still keep it tucked away until the time has come for their own daughter to get baptized.

4. A Memory Book

Keeping track of every baby milestone is as important as getting them the best gift. With a memory book, parents can record their baby’s development by adding pictures and writing down journal entries. It’s a fun way to record all the important milestones the baby has attained so that they will have something to look back on in the years to come.

5. Keepsake Boxes

One fabulous idea you could do with keepsake boxes is turning them into beautiful little time capsules! You can personalize them with a name, a favorite picture, or even a loving message. You can even put a tiny ornament inside the box to make it look like a real treasure.

6. Blessings Jar

Embrace the joy of the baby’s life by giving them a jar full of blessings and allowing them to remember those who have blessed them.

A cute ceramic jar is perfect for storing precious memories from a baby’s christening. Everyone can write a short little note of blessing for the baby and leave it in the jar for the baby to read when they’re grown up. The baby may never be able to remember what happened that day, but the precious messages inside the jar will help them remember that you love them.

The takeaway

Being invited to a christening ceremony means that you get to experience a special part of someone’s life. You can give the baby a few useful gifts that you know they’ll treasure for many years to come. But remember that it’s the thought that goes into each gift that really matters.

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